Soup Season

Confession. The last thing I want in my mouth right now is a cold piece of celery. I woke this morning to frost on the ground – food straight from the fridge is unwelcome.

Yes yes, I’ve done raw food in London during the winter, and it was great, but I’m not there right now. I’m all about hot bathtubs, warm beds, ginger tea, roasted cauliflower (obsessed), and soup.

Soup Season

When in doubt, stick those veggies in a saucepan, cook em up, season and blend. Take it to back to bed or eat by the fire. It’s cheap, quick and easy to stay healthy during the winter by making clean and delicious, hearty soup. Pretty much anything makes a good soup. Add plenty of garlic, olive oil, rosemary, curry powder (yes the generic English stuff) or paprika. Or keep it simple and light – like the miso soup below.


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