Once you’ve been involved in the world of health for any length of time, it’s hard not to start seeing the natural potential in everyone – if they were to clean up, lose weight, balance their hormones, heal their gut, rest their kidneys or get some sleep. You begin the visualise the ‘natural them’ underneath the evidence of stress, time, abuse or less-than wise choices. I watched people on the Tube today – pale and lumpy, eating and drinking junk. This is not unusual. We are so used to seeing people barely survive, that aging and decrepitude are not questioned. They are taken for granted. Expected.

We think that aches and pains are a normal part of life. That we can expect sickness, and that our first option in times of disease will be the doctor. The emotional filters we all use to make life choices dictate the results we experience. It’s really that simple. But while vegetarians are STILL depicted as loony cranks in most movies and TV productions (hello The Killing), public minds will generally stay small. Those who live differently are considered extreme, and sometimes yes, it is just too much hassle to ‘make a fuss’.

I get it, shopping and eating out is a pain in the ass when most of the stuff on offer is the same old wheat and sugar. Even in the (vast and overwhelming new) Wholefoods today, I struggled to find something to eat. And this is why for the last 5 years I’ve been lazy. I wanted more normal relationships with normal people – more freedom to travel. Yet it’s done me no favors.

It makes me sad. For so many people, the possibility of real health, of a happy emotionally-rich, statin-free and vibrant life is so close.


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