We are what we eat is hardly news. We are our microbiome.

Yet, for the majority, being a slave to coffee or sugar or –insert your crack of choice– is a choice – the relinquishing of which is deemed too hard, and not worth the unexperienced payoff of ‘health’. Therein lies the rub. If you haven’t experienced vitality how can you know it’s worth it? While it’s still a theory, it remains just that.

Each culture has its own stubbornness. Usually it’s a carbohydrate: Polish potatoes, Italian pasta, Balinese rice, American cheese, Jamaican curry. *New Yorkers being the exception.

It seems that a large amount of health work is about persuading people that’s it’s worth quitting something. They think that taking a supplement and whatever the doctor has prescribed them negates the ill effects of sugar, meat, alcohol etc. It doesn’t.

The truth is, our chemistry labs (bodies) can create all kinds of pharmacological experiences on their own, or with a little help. I remember being told a long time ago, that we don’t need to take drugs – our bodies can create an LSD high or a DMT rush without external input. And… if we care for our microbiome, we naturally produce vitamin B12 and serotonin – imagine that! Thousands of people no longer experiencing depression, anxiety or OCD. And… we can cure common allergies, crohn’s disease, candida and more. This is exciting. And it requires action.

Here’s an excellent podcast from Straight from a Scientist – including faecal implants, obesity and more.

Taking ThreeLac is an excellent start. Eating raw garlic, unpasteurised sauerkraut, resistant starches (the sugars do not break down into sugars), colonics, enemas and drinking clean water all help. Maybe you’ll read this after Christmas 😉


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2 thoughts on “Microbiome”

  • Hey Suki, I’ve been following Medical Medium for a while now, and he says that fermented foods don’t work as we think they do, that they are not worth the hype. Your thoughts? RB

    • Hey Richard, I read that part too. It makes sense on one level, but damn they feel good to me. And sauerkraut shots feel potent, so I guess tune in and see what your body wants. It’s not like tuning in for ice-cream or cake, is it? 😉

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