Hering’s Law of Cure

Constantine Hering, the father of American homeopathy coined the phrase,

A person’s disease disappears from the top to the bottom, from the inside to the out, from the
organs to the lesser organs and in the reverse order to which it originated.”

In my ongoing research into lectin-free anti-inflammatory diets, I’m continually reminded that recovery and changes in symptoms take time. We are accustomed to 1 week courses of medication or, a lifetime on pills, that dietary change holds a somewhere-in-the-middle position – allowing our bodies to recover at the rate of cellular change, from subtle inflammations and the numerous side-effects we may be knowing or unknowingly experiencing, is a lesson in patience. Testimonials range from 2 or 8 months for skin conditions, weight balance and allergies to 3 years for more the serious diseases of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Hering’s Law of Cure

Real healing takes time. Even though a colonic can be magnificent, life changing even, Hering knew his stuff.

The Colon Whisperer Suki Zoe

2 thoughts on “Hering’s Law of Cure”

  • Suki, I’m super confused. There is a excess of information out there now (damn you internet). How can it be true that the staple diets of most of the world should be avoided? How is this practical and affordable? Love you site btw, thanks Estelle

    • Thank you Estelle,
      I know. I was reading a charity newsletter from Bali this morning, and these really do feel like 1st world problems – except that so many people in the west really are struggling with autoimmune diseases and arthritis etc. I haven’t yet read or heard one reviewer who has tried the diet and then dismissed it. For all of us on it, we are loving it. I guess each country has their own pollutants and corresponding problems.

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