What’s it all about, Alfie?


They’ve been around long enough now for pretty much everyone to know what they are. My friend Amanda was live on Ch4 giving colonics in a salon, and each of Gillian McKeith’s clients had one during her ‘You Are What You Eat’ show. For the first time ever, colonics were in everyone’s living rooms, at peak hour viewing. I began to see men come in alone for sessions, where previously they had mostly arrived somewhat reluctantly with their partners.


It’s still true that our bodies are overworked and under-maintained; that we care more for our cars than our own internal organs. That our annual (?) oil change is a requisite, but our annual fast or cleanse is not. Colonics are the quickest most efficient and effective way to tune in, clear out and catch up with ourselves. And, it’s never just about the colon – I will give advice, recommend other therapies and therapists, food and techniques, gadgets or really whatever I have at my disposal to redirect your health.

We’re working with the colon, but really it’s all about holistic health. I don’t believe in moderation – I want results! I combine colonics with diet, saunas, exercise, mediation, clean water, bodywork, healers – the exploration never ends.

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