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So I’ve been catching up on all things health and wellness since I’ve been back from the jungle. I LOVE being back in London, with access to gadgets, deliveries which actually arrive (the last parcel sent to me in Bali just found it’s way back to England, but couldn’t find it’s way to me actually IN Bali) and somehow, I feel more in touch with information now that I’m here at the coal face.

It should be no surprise that our friends in America are waaaaay ahead of the game, still. I’m gobbling up podcasts from Luke Storey at The Life Stylist Podcast and Mike Perrine at EveryDayDetox and Vitality New York City – the interviews with Gil (the Godfather of colonics) are of course, gold.


Here in England, we’re a little behind. Colonics still receive bad reviews – despite having been established for what feels like an age already. But then it was pointed out to me by a colleague, that the bad press is usually involving machine colonics, not gravity.

The Wood’s gravity method is the original ‘modern’ (170 years ago or so) system of colonics – it uses the natural weight of gravity to introduce water to your bum – it’s a super simple process. There is no pump and no unnatural pressure. It’s effective, period.

Oh, and I’m starting at a new place in central London next month. News coming soon!!


gravity colonics london

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  • Hey Suki, why have machine colonics become so popular then if gravity is better. And how is gravity better? Thank you

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