‘Good Bacteria’

Let’s talk about the misnomer that colonics remove or kill the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut. When applied to the gut, the terms good and bad are inaccurate, but I’ll continue using them here to keep it simple.

We already know that our colon is our ‘second brain’ – the gut is far more complex than we yet understand. A colonic uses purified water – no detergents or cleaning agents.

The majority of people (standard western diet) have insufficient good bacteria and/or the ratio between good and bad is swinging in the wrong direction. Clean water does remove old candida and fermentation, along with putrefaction and noxious gases. Once the poisons are removed – trust me, you do not want to keep this stuff (enabling us to feel instantly better) – our body’s good bacteria stands a better chance of proliferating.

That’s just for starters..

If you’re interested in learning more, I had a good chat the other night with my friend Joshua who runs the Microbiome Learning Centre – check it out for more info. x


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..Almonds, just because

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