Squatting To Poo

Two-thirds of the world population uses the ‘squatting posture’ to answer the call of nature. In those cultures, appendicitis, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, colitis, prostate disorders, colon cancer IBS etc. are virtually unknown.

Squatting To Poo – Historical Background

Human beings have always used the squatting position for elimination. Just observe infants of any and every culture; they instinctively adopt squatting posture to relieve their bowels.

The ‘Porcelain Throne’, was invented 150 Years ago, in England by a cabinetmaker and a plumber, neither of whom had any knowledge of physiology. It was quickly imitated, as the sitting posture seemed more ‘dignified’. The public assumed that all the benefits of modern plumbing required the use of the seat-like toilet, since it was the only one with the proper fittings to connect to the sanitation pipes. This assumption was incorrect, because toilets with all the same flushing capabilities could be [and have since been], designed for use in the squatting position. Western Europe, Australia and North America, did not want to appear less civilized than Great Britain. So, within a few decades, most of the industrialized world had adopted the ‘porcelain throne’.

A hundred and fifty years ago, no one could have predicted the effect of this change from squatting to go to toilet to one of sitting to eliminate [and the advent of modern medicine; i.e. dependence on laxatives], on the health of the population. But today, many physicians blame the modern commode for the high incidence of a number of serious diseases. Compared to the parts of the world where they still use squatting posture for elimination, people in westernized countries continue to show much higher rates of appendicitis, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, prostate cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

So what happens when we use the squatting posture to eliminate?

In a squatting position the right thigh is pressed against the right side of the ascending large intestine. This is where the ileocaecal valve is located – between the small and the large intestine. The easiest physical way to close this valve and to stop any ‘back-wash’ from the caecum to the small intestines is to press against it with the thigh. When this is done, it seals the valve. The right thigh is also beginning to push the contents within the large intestine up towards the transverse section of the large intestine.
The squatting posture also allows the pubo-rectalis sling to release the ‘kink’ in the rectum, thus allowing the rectum to come in line with anal canal.squatting to poo constipation colon health

At the transverse section of the intestine there is pressure applied by the diaphragm when we breathe in. The process of pushing contents within the large intestine, towards the open and now free exit ensures not only rapid evacuation but also a 100% evacuation.

The process of rapid and complete elimination only happens when all the natural parts of the body come in to coordinated action. It is the complete and total removal and elimination that gives the greatest benefit to the human body – no faecal stagnation to allow any development of harmful bacteria, thus also eliminating any related problems.
There is a low incidence of bowl cancers, prostate cancers, IBS etc. in what we call the third world countries? In Africa, India, China, Japan and all the Eastern countries majority of the people squat to go to the toilet. These countries make up 2/3rd of the world population.

If you’re not able to physically squat at home or in the woods, get yourself a Squatty Potty. They are the perfect height and angle for an optimal release.


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