Start Caring Before You Have To

Start caring before you have to. People tend to turn a blind eye, until they’re sick. Or until their family member is sick, but even then, it’s really hard to for us look back and realise that they could have avoided sickness, suffering and disease.

Most of us want to be relatively normal. We don’t want to be too different or too difficult. I get it, I’ve been ordering side dishes for most of my life. This is especially true when it comes to food and food culture. We are a convenience society – unless it’s artisan. Even I shy away from the angry activists, even though I agree and wish things were different. The anger can seem futile, unattractive. God forbid we’re unattractive!

But here’s the thing. Farmed animals are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones. They are fed crops sprayed with glyophosates. By the time they are slaughtered, they are unable to stand, and frequently diseased. The tumours are cut out, and the remaining flesh is sold, wrapped anonymously in cellophane. And we wonder why the western world has cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, constipation, obesity, arthritis, cancer and depression. Look to your cells.


Usually it takes a different experience. So here’s my challenge – try something different, and see how it feels. Try again, something else. Reach for a new awareness in your body – don’t accept that belly, your acne, rosacea, or stiffness as permanent. Age does not equal aching joints, puffy eyes and liver spots – most things are changeable, but you need to give it a try and, give it some little time. Your body loves consistency – not quick fads or singular experiences – make life changes now, before you have to.

And not just for your body – for the earth and the oceans – they are saturated with manmade poisons, and we can’t keep pretending we don’t know it. Enough insanity already, we have lost our minds.


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