The Tide Turns

It’s a weird space to be in when the tide turns. People in the health world have known some things for awhile now. We’ve been sharing the same information over the years, to a small audience of similar outliers and radicals. Then, all it takes to turn the tide is someone famous to say something on the telly, and instantly it becomes the truth. I guess it’s always been this way. If we think back over time, what is true changes with seasons and generations, along with who is worshipped as god. I think to the radical Egyptian ruler Akhenaten, whose temple I visited in Egypt (which was a schlep). We were fascinated with him because he was such an extraordinary revolutionary.

So, on to the news.

  1. Finally: canola oil is dangerous for you. Read here.
  2. Confirmed: Parkinson’s begins in the colon. Read here. This is huge news.
  3. On the BBC – medical students admit to knowing nothing about nutrition. Read here.

My concern with the medical students and NHS dieticians, is that all this time they have lacked the initiative or curiosity to investigate the basics, and even now will still only be taught a tiny amount of SED (standard English diet) ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of dietary guidance, using the very outdated food pyramid; think they are now informed, and continue to misguide people whose conditions may be* greatly improved or cured with dietary changes and cleansing, i.e. cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis, and.. continue to prescribe drugs. Or tell their patients that pooing twice a week is normal; that taking a probiotic and eating more fibre is enough. Our current medical norm is less than 100 years old. Remember that. Oh yeah, this is how it went down, cue Rockefeller.

Blowing my mind this week is Rich Roll’s podcast with Zach Bush. I’ll need to re-listen a few times, take notes and then some. We are so far off track – it’s due to science like this that the tide of farming will eventually change, and the use of poisons will stop.

“It’s a conversation about the difference between the science of disease and the science of health. It’s about the microbiome as a critical predictor of and protector against illness. And it’s an exploration of autism, epigenetics and the mechanics of intercellular communication.”


*scientific proof has not gone public yet.

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