Colonic Implants

I offer colonic implants as an adjunct to the miracle of water.

I’ll be offering my favourites – hydrogen peroxide (oxygen therapy), garlic (anti bacterial/fungal/candida) and coffee (liver detox).

Additionally, I will have spirulina (increased energy and blood cleansing), peppermint (gas and spasms), and an anti-parasite tincture. And, all of these can be used at home as part of your regular colon care.

Please mention when booking and I’ll add an extra 15 minutes to your session and I’ll pop £20 on your bill.

ps. You are welcome to bring your own ingredients ie. wheatgrass.


the colon whisperer garlic

2 thoughts on “Colonic Implants”

  • I was just about to contact you today hwne you posted this. What about baking soda colonics Suki?
    Thanks Sean

    • Your timing in uncanny Sean! I was just asking Gil about baking soda yesterday. His reply was a firm NO. I’ll write up further about it soon.

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