Wild Foods

Spring means Aries, the new-born, the first sign in the cycle of the zodiac. That small, tender yet determined green sprout – pushing it’s way, against the odds up though the cold hard earth. We are all feeling the energy of rebirth, as we open windows, start spring cleaning, and remember what sun feels like on our skins. Although I long for summer and rolling on grass, part of me wants to hold on to winter hibernation and warming foods – it’s all in the mind – the body hasn’t caught up yet.

And with spring comes wild food season in England. Get your Marigolds (gloves) out, and get picking! Why wild foods? Because they have a life force quite unlike human cultivated crops. And they’re free.

First up is wild garlic and baby nettles. Nettles get tougher later in the season – now they are soft and tender. Great for making tea, blending into soups or juicing. Wild garlic is great for making pesto and juicing. I juice 1 head of celery, with a fistful of nettles, and a handful of wild garlic. Heaven.

Now, just waiting for my favourite – the great dandelion.

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