Hiatus + Cabbage

Sorry for the hiatus loves — I moved house, and it’s taken me a bit to find my groove. I’m living back in sunny, tree-lined south London, which is all at once weird and home.

What news from the kitchen? I’m enjoying super food deliveries from VitaMe – reishi, cordyceps, chaga, Irish moss, MSM, cacao and chlorella – whipping up some mushroom tonics in my first Nutribullet (GAMECHANGER) and chopping up a ton of cabbage. I’ll be leaving my sauerkraut in the garden a bit, to absorb the local biome – I don’t use a starter – the immediate atmosphere is plenty rich.

And, I’m still working on an actual recipe for my medicine balls, but pinning down measurements isn’t my strongest feature..

It’s still wild spring greens season (just) so if you’ve not been enjoying wild food yet, it’s not too late to get picking 🙂

I’m adding new venues to Suki’s London as I discover them. Let me know of places you love, that I’ve missed out and need to discover! We went to Tibit’s last week – it’s a beautiful space – I love the big table downstairs under the candelabra, but the food is mediocre and overpriced. My local cafe, Mono at 49 Denmark Hill, serves a great salad and vegetable selection every day. It’s a lovely deconstructed, front-room style cafe. One of Camberwell’s SIX hipsterish coffee shops!


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