There’s a very good chance I’ll repeat myself at least once on my newish website. That said..

I had a chat with Conni in Mexico last night, about colonics and cleansing. Once again, I mostly have no idea what I said, as I tend to get in the zone and ramble off into tangents.. What I do remember saying (after a day of giving very varied treatments) is – the easiest way of explaining how and why we need to customise health advice: if you give 10 people the exact same diet for a week, and they will all have very different colonics. It keeps me on my toes!

Each of us process, assimilate, digest and eliminate food differently depending on our heredity, chi, stress, emotions, hydration, hormones and physicality. Is that a good enough reason not to compare yourself to anyone else? Time and time again we meet people who think they are eating ‘healthily’, without understanding how it’s working within the body. The colon never lies.


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