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We talk about skin a lot – not surprising with the gut-skin connection. After colonics, clean food pre and pro biotics, this is what I use on my skin. I had acne from 13 until I went fully raw vegan in London in 2006. I’d given up on having clear skin by this point, so this was an incredible surprise. Before and since then, I’ve been honing my skin care routine – this is what works for me at the moment.

I was just planning to write about the clay mask, but hey.

I do no recommend using soap, toner or any other manufactured product as a cleaner if you have problem skin. Each morning I gently exfoliate with a cheap generic hand glove, in clean water, followed by the best moisturiser for my skin type, season and location. I LOVE Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto body oil – a little goes a long way, mixed with a little Pure Potions Intensive hand cream or Natural Siberica. And, I use the same oil to remove makeup. When I make up my own oil blends I add frankincense, a drop of castor oil (always have to hand) and olive oil.

That’s it. No frills.

the colon whisperer skin

After I’ve done my dry skin brushing, for a deeper face and body cleanse twice a week, I use the ancient practice of Guasha – simply made from bicarbonate (baking) soda and vodka. Take great care on your face until you gauge how you respond to it. I’ll let Tyler explain how to make and use it.

suki says skin 101

Ok, next up the game-changing skin remedy I wish I’d discovered eons ago. Prepare yourself for stunning rainy-day images 😉

Using a non-metal spoon and bowl: 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay + 1 capsule of activated charcoal (skip the fancy organic bamboo charcoal – it’s gritty and doesn’t work as well). Add a little water and mix into a paste. It takes awhile to get it smooth. Seal it in a tight pot. These Sistema ones are found in the kitchen sections – I use them for everything.

The mask will last months – add more water when it dries out. Apply thinly to your whole face, and remove when it dries. Your face will redden briefly. For problem areas, bites (it removes itches) and boils, apply in dollops and leave on – overnight if you like. When it dries, either top up or remove and reapply. Your postman will become accustomed to seeing you with black splodges on your face before long 🙂 This paste is miraculous. Super cheap and effective. Remember to take it with you traveling too…

There you go, hope that helps. Suki Says Skin 101.



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