Suki Says: The Podcast

Due to popular demand I’m looking into starting a podcast. Which kinda has me groaning because I’m still that person who listens to their voice on the answerphone (for those of you who can remember such things) and well, groans. I haven’t been able to listen to my last two interviews yet, but I guess I’ll have to get over than smartish.

Suki Says: The Podcast

So, before further ado, here’s my latest chat with Conni as an audio file. Next up, my own platform. Can you handle it? 🙂

London colonics, colonics London

(I still have a box of old mini cassettes full of messages)

2 thoughts on “Suki Says: The Podcast”

  • This news. Has made. My day.
    I’m constantly going on about, “Suki says this, Suki says that,” to my friends and family (and even random strangers I strike up conversations with), so now, I will be able to actually DIRECT them to a Suki Says podcast?!
    Feels like Christmas in June. Seriously.
    If Suki says it, you know it’s been researched, geeked out over and sifted, and that you’re getting distilled gems of info from someone whose allegiance isn’t to some ‘guru’ or diet or philosophy; her allegiance is to uncovering truth, looking beyond what is accepted (and acceptable) and having damn good fun in the process.
    ~ From one who’s been ogling Suki’s brilliant mind for a decade

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