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All too often, I don’t get to talk much about how the body works and the ways in which cellular cleansing takes place, because the psychology of changing our diets means we first need to discuss how and why not to eat certain things. I usually focus on switching out the dense foods (which clog the cells and colon), for the lighter cleansing foods – juices, fruits and fresh raw salads (not the cold pasta, potato salad and crouton salads) and I leave coffee (and most other liquids) until later.

I often cite Keith Richards as an example (yes really) of how you can live a long life if you stay lean and avoid donuts. Because little old ladies get old specifically because they are little. You don’t see fat old ladies.

My own relationship with coffee makes it hard for me to be objective. It’s as sexy AF. I get it, I really do.

But.. having just quit again (thank you kambo – another post coming) – the immediate effects are obvious: dramatically increased intuition; better skin and hydration; balanced weight and hormones; and calmer adrenals. And that’s just in a couple of days. Coffee stuns my intuition – nothing quite like relearning something you’re experienced a couple (ha) of times already. Also, I have the feeling that I’m on my own, that the coffee monkey isn’t on my shoulder cheering me on. This is a good kind of solitary – autonomous and sovereign. So yes, while I love it I feel better without it. Again. This is far from my first rodeo.

As with everything else, there will always be articles about the benefits of coffee. But I feel with something so emotive, no amount of reading creates change. It’s an experience – you need to try it. It’s your call, as always 🙂

Replace your coffee ritual with another comparably satisfying experience – matcha with coconut or nut mylk, green tea or pau d’arco. We all need a little ritual – it makes changing our habits that bit easier..

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Coffee Enema however, that’s another thing. We love putting coffee up the bum!

Artsana enema bags have been renamed – these are the best available kits. Super strong, they last for years, and are really light for travel. Take an S hook with you, and a length of string..

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