Psyllium + Bentonite: Do Not Follow The Instructions On The Label

The first time I took psyllium husks, I followed the instructions on the pot, and took it daily for 3 weeks straight. At the end of those 3 weeks, due to quite perfect serendipity, I had my first colonic with Gil. Happily, it made for an epic colonic, which changed the course of my life, but it’s not something I would repeat again, or recommend anyone else do.

Psyllium powder works much deeper than psyllium husks, and should only be taken if you are juicing and cleansing. Psyllium husks are less intense, and are safer to take while eating and to aid short-term constipation. BUT, if it is not coming out – stop taking it.

Because psyllium absorbs 16 times its own weight in water, it is critical that you allow it to swell up and hydrate before drinking – give it at least 10 minutes. If you have it in capsules, you’ll need to open up the capsule, pour the powder into some liquid and stir or blend until smooth. Do not swallow the capsules. Do not drink psyllium down straight away, you need to wait for it to swell up. Yeah yeah, it gets kinda gunky and gelatinous – that’s the whole point. It will then work as a bolus, and sweep through your digestive system safely.

Caveat: not all body types are suited to psyllium. It easily builds up, gets stuck and worsens any pre-exisiting problem. I highly recommend enemas, colemas and colonics during it’s use.

Psyllium + Bentonite: Do Not Follow The Instructions On The Label

If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a fan of haphazard bentonite use. In face masks yes – absolutely safe, but internally – please read on.

Avoid taking bentonite clay in combination formulas with other dry, powdered products like psyllium or activated charcoal. Most of these powerful cleansing tools should be taken alone, on an empty stomach, and not mixed with each other or food. There are many detox products in the shops promising easy detox and weightless – just say no. Again, like psyllium your ability to process bentonite depends on your body type or the current strength of your elimination. More than any other commonly-used cleansing product, I often see bentonite come out during colonics days, weeks and even months after it was last taken. If it doesn’t come out, it turns to concrete-like clay. Suboptimal.

Bentonite creates a negative charge (think the energy of waterfalls and oceans), which absorbs positive ions (free radicals) within the digestive system. To best use bentonite clay internally, take a large glass of water. Using a non-metallic spoon, sprinkle a teaspoon of powder over the surface of the water. Stir, and allow the clay to settle. Then, on an empty stomach, drink the negatively charged liquid, but not the sediment at the bottom (you can use that on your skin). Stay hydrated throughout the day, and enjoy an enema or colonic at your convenience.


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