Colonics For Splendid Sleep

How do colonics help you sleep, you ask. Nowadays gas and bloating are commonplace, and damn it’s hard to sleep with bubbles in your belly!

Here’s the thing, sleep should be (can be) fairly simple — we sleep when it’s dark, and rise at dawn. Our pineal glands register light and send messages to our super-cool, complex and mind-boggling chemistry labs (our bodies). But… internal stagnation, fermentation, putrefaction are mixing our those messages. Added to which, blue lights (screens), WIFI, pollution (internally and externally) and chemicals are also muddling things up.

Crucially, we should have a fairly simple day/night exchange* of minerals which allows our large muscles to relax, and our brains to gently slip into sleep states. This exchange doesn’t work if we are dehydrated – which most people are.

So what actually effects our sleep?  By that I mean what can we do which will show tangible results:

Colonics For Splendid Sleep

If our cells are dehydrated, contracted and junked up with gunk, we need to

  1. Get the gunk out – colonics
  2. Hydrate the cells – colonics and an alkaline diet
  3. Open the cells to allow the free-flow of minerals* [see above]
  4. Tackle stress – stress means contraction, dehydration, monkey mind and inferior sleep
We get the gunk out with colonics. It’s a win win – we are hydrating whilst we remove poisons. It’s little understood that cells throughout our body’s accumulate waste – if your lymph system is stagnant and there is is nowhere safe for the toxic burden go, it ends up backing up into your lymph glands, blood and organs. By creating space in the colon, our lymph flows freely, our livers are able to clear, our eyesight might sharpen, and our rings are looser on our fingers because excess swelling all over the body is reduced. Result = we sleep better. With cleaner cells we are opening the channels of communication – nutrients in, and waste particles out. It’s a constant process this cellular exchange — there is no quick fix, no one time remedy, but an ongoing movement towards hydration, detox, elimination, alkalinity and vitality.

Also add to your daily habits: rebounding; far infrared saunas; massage; hot and cold showers; cryotherapy; enemas. If you’re feeling bloated and gassy, an evening enema could really help.

And… stop using blue lights for AT LEAST an hour before bed. Turn gadgets off. Read books made of paper by the light of incandescent (or orange tinted bulbs). Take a warm bath, hang with your family around a board game. Don’t over-heat at night – cool your bedroom cool. Meditate before bed. And, keep the phones out of your bedroom.

Yes, I’ve tried the sleep app – it’s fascinating to watch my sleep patterns, and I think for the first while I actually slept a bit better because I wanted to impress the app. However, knowing my sleep patterns did not improve my sleep.

“Hey Suki! I feel amazing. I’m literally a different person today. Had an incredible deep sleep – best in weeks and just feel alive/myself again. Sending so much gratitude, big hug, see you again in two weeks!”

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2 thoughts on “Colonics For Splendid Sleep”

  • Yes yes yes!! I sleep like a dream after each colonic. And not just for that night – the benefits last weeks for me. Thank you Sukie

  • Suki!! I’ve slept like a hibernating tortoise since my last colonic. Thank you for the gift of sleep! And, my back pain has gone too . It’s F*** amazing. See you soon, Sean

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