Cellular Contraction: Detox for Autumn

As the weather cools, and the food on our table shifts from salads to roots, our cells contract.

If we are healthy, and our channels of elimination are open (colon, breath, sweat, pee, lymph, kidneys and liver) this feels great. Summer bloating and puffiness be gone – winter slim is real. The solstices and equinoxes are pivotal moments in our year for adjusting to seasonal changes – as the weather alters, so do our bodies.

However, if we’re carrying any endogenous waste* these cellular contractions will cause discomfort – usually showing up as colds, flu or whatever malaise is most common to you. You are not ‘sick’ – your body is very wisely taking care of you by squeezing out cellular waste. Cool huh?

Cellular Contraction: Detox for Autumn

It’s a no brainer then that we want to keep our channels of elimination open – hold back the pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolates for a bit, and get thy self into the sauna and cold showers; have a massage and get onto the colonic table. Whatever you do, don’t stop the juice and salad just because you’ve dug out your slippers and cranked up the thermostat. Juice is the soap and colonics are the shower – the science behind them remain true, regardless of the weather.

*endogenous toxins are a normal byproduct of cellular metabolism. Sometimes referred to as metabolic waste, endogenous toxins include lactic acid, urea, ammonia, homocysteines, carbon dioxide, yeast and bacteria.

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Photo from Kintamani, Bali by yours truly 🙂

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