This Year’s Hype

Hey y’all.
God knows I like to try everything – I’m your guinea pig for health and wellbeing (ongoing: red light experiments and hair restoration research).
That said, the basics of health remain the same. They are accessible to everyone, they are not expensive, prohibitive or exclusive. Once you’ve got your own juicer, blender and knife, the basics are well… basic. They’re not sexy, they won’t make us tons of money selling this year’s ‘must have’ products.
If your idea of health involves going to multi $$$/£££ classes on how to make matcha tea and keto balls – do it for fun – not because it’s gonna change your life on any profound level. You might meet some radical humans, but honestly you’re better off going to a sauerkraut making class if you want to learn lasting health skills.
Sadly these words and overused hashtags — ceremonial, fat balls, sacred, goddess, yoni, high-vibration, self-love, self-care, keto, paleo, vegan, succulents, açaí smoothie bowls, yoga, matcha latte, charcoal something or other, rose latte, bulletproof (did I miss anything, other than high waisted pants?) and whateverthefuckelse are this year’s passing fancy.
At the risk of repeating myself, the basics of health remain the same. Those fancy supplements do not negate a crappy diet, or neutralise a fermenting colon = change your body chemistry; open your channels of elimination and get some water up yer bum 🙂
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