Enemas: Just Do It

I’m a big fan of enemas.

There is mention of enemas and colon cleansing in ancient Egyptian papyruses and in the Bible. Simple enema bags were owned by many people up until the 1950s when the advent of modern medicine was thought to be superior to ‘outdated’ cleansing methods. Ha. we know this is not true! Giving yourself a modern enema is nothing like the pre-birth hospital stories you might have heard about. Having an enema done to you by someone else is… suboptimal.

You get to do them in the warmth, comfort and privacy of your own home, whenever you like. Feel the need for a 3am enema? Why the hell not. Enema with friends – check! (see evidence below). A standing enema behind a car door (again, see below) – if you have the right kind of friends supporting you, yup.

A bag costs around £10 or $10 and kept clean and dry, it will last for years. Once you’ve figure out how to do it – instructions here – a weekly enema session can seamlessly become part of your health routine. Traveling without your bag would seem strange. I recommend this one in England (it used to be Artsana, but now it’s been rebranded..).

You see, it’s all about responsibility. Don’t turn to chemical laxatives when you can simply put some filtered water up your bum. A prime times for enemas are at the new and full moons, so at the very least, twice a month is great.

Once you’ve had a colonic, and you understand how to breathe, where you are holding and how incredible a deep release feels, an enema will seem very simple. YouTube will be full of instruction videos too – good luck with that rabbit hole… 😉

suki zoe enema 2

Do they replace colonics – no. A colonic tones the peristaltic muscles of the colon, which an enema does not. An enema relies on your own strength to absorb and then eliminate. A colonic uses 90 litres of water, while an average enema bag holds 2 litres. Whilst they do not replace, they are invaluable for tuning in with your own body – smelling and feeling what comes out.

Ideally, you can take in the whole bag and hold it for 10 minutes, then release in one go. Not me! I can hold a little water, for a couple of minutes, and then release and repeat. I usually aim for 3-4 litres each time – there’s always an ‘Ah ha’ moment, when I know I’m done.  Usually around the 3 litre mark the magic happens. There is a tangible connection between the smell of what’s coming out, and your brain clearing. Take your time and try for yourself.

Just do it xx

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