Gas is waaaay underestimated. Many people come in saying they’re bloated, when in fact they are jam packed full of poo. Most people come in full of gas. Colon gases and blood gases effect your eyesight, cravings, decision making, ankle and finger swelling — basically optimal functioning of the body. Decompression is the name of the game. Remove the gas and all bodily systems work better.

Remove the obstructions: V=P-O

Arnold Ehret, the grand pappy of cleansing, wrote V=P-O: Vitality equals power, minus obstruction.

Remember osmosis in biology class? Osmosis is happening in your body constantly. The solid and gaseous wastes we release during colonics come from every molecule of your body, not solely your bowel. which is why your eyesight sharpens, headaches vanish, snuffles disappear, rings become loose on your fingers and your cheekbones pop. Vertigo, cravings, brain fog, dental problems and depression are linked!

This is the missing link for most people..


sukizoe the colon whisperer

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  • It’s mind boggling. I’m reading all the Bisci material i can get my hands on, and watching Gil on youtube. We’re all living such crazy lives! Thanks Suki, Ben

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