Live Blood Microscopy Experiment

A few years ago I trained in live blood microscopy. Our training largely consisted of what we couldn’t say to a patient. When I learnt that in England it’s not legal to diagnose using this science, it became redundant. It’s expensive gadget to have fun with looking at your blood…

But I remained curious to do some experiments. During the training my hand was the first raised to be tested (despite my needle and blood phobias). Both of the teachers were elated at the quality of my blood – which I largely credit with the vast dose of barley grass powder I’d consumed that morning. Later in Santa Monica, Jasmine Scalesciani & I did some live blood cells tests after I’d done week-long juice fast, incorporating daily colemas and a liver flush.

The results are by no means conclusive – just an interesting insight into how we can alter our blood really quickly. I had not consumed green tea, yerba maté or cacao for 10 days at this point.

Live Blood Microscopy

1st tests – post a week long cleanse & just after 2 hours in sauna and steam rooms.
Blood shows: zero signs of candida (1 in 50 shows no signs) dehydration, pH & hormonal imbalance (1st day of moon), demineralization, little movement of cells.

suki zoe live blood microscopy2
2nd test: 3 tablespoons of cacao powder + water.
Physical alteration: none.
Blood shows: massive liver shock (crosshatch scratches), white blood cell inhibited, rouleau, anaerobic.

suki zoe live blood microscopy2
3rd tests: 12oz agave sweetened raw truffle.
Physical alteration: I was spun out! A chatterbox and shaking hands for 4 hours.
Blood shows: white blood cells struggling with workload, protits (sugar) increasing with time, signs of candida, malfunction of liver, dehydration.

     suki zoe live blood microscopy2
4th tests: strong green juice (celery, spinach, kale, cucumber). Physical alteration: more grounded, but still feeling the agave jitters.
Blood shows: hydration – less sticky, 12 x increase of white blood cells AND they were eating all the candida, liver 90% cleared up – smooth and crack free plasma, individual cells moving fast & smoothly – more oxygen (which means cheering on the little darlings like you’re watching a football match), sugar balancing out.

 suki zoe live blood microscopy9

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