Hydrate Flush Sweep Eliminate

The foundation of our* health focus is this. We do not focus on spending money on supplements and ‘where we are getting our protein from’ until we consistently hydrate, flush, sweep and eliminate.

You wouldn’t squirt detergent on the top of your compost bin without emptying it first, would you? No, you empty the bin and then clean it.

Emptying your trash first ensures you have better chance of absorbing those nutrients. If your microbiome is full of junk and an imbalance of putrefaction and fermentation – those beasties are eating the nutrients, before they even get close to your bloodstream. And those beasties are clamouring for more of what THEY want, not what you need.

If your daily focus is on water-rich broom foods, the rest takes care of itself.. xx

*Arnold Ehret, Gil Jacobs, Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, Michael Perrine, Fred Bisci.

hydrate flush sweep eliminate

Mike Perrine at Every Day Detox #mikesays

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