I have been remiss in writing this too late! An equinox is a potent time, and is best approached with a little preparation. This year many people are extra sleepy and experiencing heightened emotions – I usually find that if I’m forewarned, I’m better prepared for what might come, rather than being taken by surprise and then acting-out in some way.

Full moons and seasonal changes are optimal times for cleansing our homes and our bodies, for taking stock of our lives and lightening our diets (in the northern hemisphere). Never a better time to fast, get some NSA or bodywork and open the windows!

I was lucky enough to test the new Colon Cleanse juice program I’ve designed with Julia of Juice 4 Thought – if I say so myself, it’s bloody fantastic. Delicious hand-made, organic, cold pressed juices, all glass bottles (no plastic) and delivered to your door. Perfect for any and every Londoner.

In a recent commission from The Lancet, they recommend a plant-based diet for a health full life. Read the whole report here.

“Unhealthy diets now pose a greater risk to morbidity and mortality than unsafe sex, alcohol, drug and tobacco use combined.” 

And, as I read somewhere earlier this week, “Humans are so disconnected from reality that they need studies to prove that fruits and vegetables are healthy.” 😉

Oh, and my new weighted blanket arrived. I’ve been wanting to try one for the longest time. So far I think I like it. Please let me know if you have one, and which one you got.. x


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