The Colon + The Vagus Nerve

It’s common knowledge now that our microbiome affects our mood, that our gut is our second brain and that keeping your colon healthy is key to vibrant longevity – but how is it all connected exactly? The vagus nerve, that’s how. Integral to our parasympathetic nervous system, the vagus nerve is the longest, and most important nerve.

Read this excellent article about the Vagus Nerve.


10. Coffee Enemas — Enemas are like sprints for your vagus nerve. Expanding the bowel increases vagus nerve activation, as is done with enemas. This cleansing is accomplished by increasing the liver’s capacity to detoxify toxins in the blood and binding them to the bile. In the process, the liver cleanses itself as it releases the toxic bile into the small, then large, intestine for evacuation. The entire blood supply circulates through the liver every three minutes. By retaining the coffee 12 to 15 minutes, the blood will circulate four to five times for cleansing, much like a dialysis treatment. The water content of the coffee stimulates intestinal peristalsis and helps to empty the large intestine with the accumulated toxic bile.

I love it when science pulls it all together.


“Vagus means “wandering” in Latin. The vagus nerve is known as the “wandering nerve” because it has multiple branches that diverge from two thick stems rooted in the cerebellum and brainstem that wander to the lowest viscera of your abdomen touching your heart and most major organs along the way.”

  • CLINIC UPDATE: I’m changing my clinic hours from next month – dropping Tuesdays and adding Saturdays. Feedback so far suggests this will be an easier option for many of you.
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