Raw Chocolate at Bittersweet Ubud

Greetings from Bali my friends.

It’s good to be home – reunited with this land, these people, this soundtrack of frogs, bats, dogs, geckos, birds, chickens, dogs and cicadas that I love and missed so much, and with Lesya my raw chocolate-making muse and long-time collaborator. I’m taking my degustation research very seriously – Ubud is the health food capital of the world – with more juices, salads and raw food per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. Bali’s organic and permaculture farms are multiplying too – so wonderful.

More news coming soon. Until then, Lesya gives chocolate making classes at Bittersweet Ubud when she’s not running retreats at Madu Retreats Bali.

4 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate at Bittersweet Ubud”

  • Hey Suki, I’ve just tracked you down and disappointed to fund you aren’t in London anymore!!! I use to see you at the Brackenbury in Hammersmith. You came to a pre wedding function at my parents home in Osterley. It’s good to see you walking your own path! I hope your journey is full of excitement. I wanted to check with you before coming to see you (which I guess isn’t going to happen now!) If it’s safe for a diabetic to have colonics? I’ve been diagnosed for 10 years now but have terrible gut issues. A permanently protruding stomach, it becomes a hard round ball at night, I look 6 months pregnant by the afternoon/ evening. I’m nauseas all the time. I thought maybe a few sessions would help. I’ve begun cellery juice and all of the green powders again. Any advice would be great! Please let me know if you are ever back practicing in London again. Pritti x

    • Pritti! So great to hear from you – I remember you and all of your family fondly, and wondered how you are 🙂
      I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles. The gut issues are probably not directly diabetes related – go and see Dominika or Kaori for colonics and hands-on help. Keep going with the celery juice and green powders! Get some Restore (https://www.thefinchleyclinic.com/shop/restore_for_gut_health_32_fl_oz-e-1368.html) too – start super low doses. AND avoid lectins – primarily grains, legumes, corn and cashews. Stay in touch xx

      • Hi!! How are you? Im so glad that you remember. Thank you for the advice, I will give Restore a go and let you know. I love reading your blog, so much of it makes sense. Ive been fascinated with gut health since coming to see you all those years ago. I look forward to your posts. take care. Pritti x

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