C A N D I D A :  J U I C E  +  S L U I C E 

Most people have some Candida – whether it be localized fermentation or full blown systemic. The only way to tackle it is full-on for a sustained period. There are many different ways of treating it now & lots of different things to take, with varying protocols. I’ll list some links below to give you some ideas. The important thing is to avoid: yeast (bread, beer, marmite); refined grain flours (cake, bread, crackers, pitta, chapatti, roti); sugar (incl. fruit + honey); alcohol (wine & beer); mould (cheese); deep fried foods. For some people corn and cashews are also a problem.

Focus on leafy greens, fresh raw garlic (not capsules), raw olive & coconut oils, wholefoods + plenty of water.

Regular colonics (sluicing) & enemas (coffee, garlic & wheatgrass) help remove those yeastie beasties, while also reducing the effects of the die-off. Juicing greens is very powerful – try: 1 bunch celery, 1 head romaine/cos, 1 whole cucumber + some ginger. The chlorophyll supports the cleansing process. Dilute with water if it’s too strong for you.

Rotating anti-fungals is a popular method at the moment (see forums below) to prevent mutation – ie. horopito for 10 days, then ThreeLac for 10 days. You can take oxygen therapies continously (35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxypowder, Colosan).

Hydrogen Peroxide: start off taking 1 drop of HP a day in 2oz water, building up slowly – always at that ratio – i.e. 2 drops in 4oz, 3 drops in 6oz. Always take any oxygen releasing product (all the above) on an empty stomach & wait at least an hour before consuming anything else.

In my experience dandruff, excema & psoriasis are both related to bowel fermentation (+ dairy & sugar) & both respond well to colonics & ThreeLac. Sluicing is essential.

If you have mercury fillings you will need to get them removed before embarking on the Candida mission – your very smart body lets the Candida render the mercury less harmful to you; so mercury out 1st, Candida death 2nd. Your body is allowing the candida as a buffer to protect you from absorbing the metal – the candida will not be vanquished until the fillings are removed. Taking Zeolite is one effective method of removing heavy metals. Using a parasite zapper in conjunction with a candida program can be really effective.

Expect to feel pretty shit at times & to have fierce cravings. These will pass eventually & you will come through the other side feeling transformed. It can be a life changing experience – people often allow Candida into their lives when it’s time for a shift of some kind – be it emotional/psychological, work/physical or romantic. The Candida-free you will vibrate at a higher level & take you in a different direction, perhaps..

Health Leads UK – 12% Hydrogen Peroxide (the strongest currently available)
Seek Natural – Horopito + Aniseed (Kolorex)
The Finchley Clinic – Oxypowder + ThreeLac + Colosan
Safe Remedies – Prime Directive + Green Barley Grass
Olive Leaf – Wild Oil of Oregano

Chompers from Arise + Shine
Digestive Stimulator Blessed Herbs
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Rain Tree – info about Pau D’Arco. Drink as tea. Buy loose from Tree Harvest
Regenerative Nutrition – article on Organic Germanium 132 (also for Cancer)
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