“Because any diet which includes dark chocolate, red wine, goat’s cheese, avocado and black coffee, and involves health potentials like this has me super interested.”

If your ear is to the ground regarding health these days, you will have heard about lectins already. The first time I remember reading about them was in The Blood Type Diet, which honestly was too complicated to follow in a practical kitchen. And this from someone who has embraced many different diets, seeking health and answers to life’s common diseases.

Fast forward a few years (bear with me, this might be a long one..) and Dr Stephen Gundry entered my life. Indirectly of course, and I was less-than interested in my health at the time, so I paid scant attention. In my (delusional) mind, my strong background in health should last a lifetime, and I could (should) get away with being lazy about self-nurture for awhile, right? Wrong Suki, so wrong.

The theory is that lectins create an inflammatory response in the body because they are  clever, naturally occurring pesticides –  designed to prevent bugs and animals eating them. Unless we have strong allergic reactions to these foods, we’re unlikely to notice tiny negative side-effects of these lectins, which build up in our bodies, added to which, our hunting/farming lifestyles have progressed at different rates than our already compromised immune systems. Any intake of penicillin, steroids and antibiotics has the potential to drastically unbalance us for months or years. Things is, most people have become so used to suboptimal health that they are never really able to pinpoint what is wrong, let alone remember when they last felt really great.

The second time Gundry made an appearance was when more friends started following The Plant Paradox which eliminates all lectins. The positive results were clear to see, yet I was still disinterested in making the effort back into the world of health again. A few months later, as I witnessed more exciting transformations, this tiny mysterious part of my brain switched on, I began reading the book, and that was it – my health brain reignited!! Initially I failed terribly – I hadn’t read the book fully – the more I read and understood, the easier the diet became. For the first 3 weeks I felt the results inside, but there was little visible evidence externally. But then my body began changing shape slowly. Any aches and pains disappeared, my back problems vanished, and I started to feel strong and clear.

Unfortunately, going gluten-free is not the answer. In fact, many replacement foods many be as problematic as the original gluten containing foods.

My initial trial was in Vietnam, and then I continued when I returned to Bali – letting go of my staples – cashews, corn chips and chickpeas! Gundry is having incredible results with his clients from Alzheimer’s, to diabetes, cancer and arthritis – illnesses which are supposedly incurable. Mind blowing. Watch this space.

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Goodbye Insomnia

The first time I tried Magnesium oil, it didn’t do anything for me. I suspect I used it in the wrong way, and didn’t give it sufficient chance to work properly.

Cut to 2017 and I’m back in the west, with access to both health stores and an actual mailing address (my last parcel in Bali got lost/stuck and I never receieved it..) and I’m using magnesium oil twice a day, and sleeping much better. After years of insomnia, have I really found the answer? Fingers crossed.

Made from magnesium chloride it is absorbed dermally (via the skin), much more effectively than by taking oral magnesium supplements. Not to be confused with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) – magnesium is one mineral we can all pretty much guarantee we are deficient in. No mineral is a island to itself – they work together – without magnesium our calcium and iron levels are compromised. So there you have it, get spraying :)


Soup Season

Confession. The last thing I want in my mouth right now is a cold piece of celery. I woke this morning to frost on the ground – food straight from the fridge is unwelcome.

Yes yes, I’ve done raw food in London during the winter, and it was great, but I’m not there right now. I’m all about hot bathtubs, warm beds, ginger tea, roasted cauliflower (obsessed), and soup.


When in doubt, stick those veggies in a saucepan, cook em up, season and blend. Take it to back to bed or eat by the fire. It’s cheap, quick and easy to stay healthy during the winter by making clean and delicious, hearty soup. Pretty much anything makes a good soup. Add plenty of garlic, olive oil, rosemary, curry powder (yes the generic English stuff) or paprika. Or keep it simple and light – like the miso soup below.



Welcome to my new site. I’ve moved much of the content from Qito to this new space – including old comments and conversations, which I’d be sorry to lose. It may look confusing, but hey…


Suki x

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