What are you taking?

Ok, so I’m kinda out of the loop! What are y’all taking these days, where are you going and what’s new in England? I’m still a fan of The Finchley Clinic, still my go-to shop for Colosan and Oxypowder. I’ve been making Cocobiotic from their ThreeLac using local coconut water in Bali (sadly, those days are over now..).

Safe Remedies for barley grass, Prime Directive, Ultra Magnesium.

For the last 6 years I’ve been using this stevia – it’s a fermented white powder, with very little gross aftertaste. It’s the only one I can stomach. Buy it from Superfood.nl in the Netherlands.

I’m getting my medicinal mushrooms – Reishi, chaga and cordyceps from VitaMe.

Healthleads for all kinds of things, and gadgets. Artsana enema bags too.

My friends have a Franke water filter, and I’m very impressed with the quality of the water. I’ll be looking to get another ioniser too when I settle.. Along with that far infrared sauna ;)

Not forgetting Tree-Harvest, who somehow still have no website, BUT they have the best supplies of pretty much everything, amazing quality and great prices.

Let me know where you shop, where you eat, what you love, and I’ll start a new resource page.


Photo from Daily Nutra



Hello England and Colonics

And just like that, 9 years later, I’m back in England.

I can’t help but look back over my years in colonics, and wonder at how much has changed in the world of health and cleansing – how much research and information has expanded, and yet how much the tried and tested basics have stayed the same.

We have the inter-web, and with it, access to all the most groundbreaking research and current information, and yet Gravity Colonics still remain the most effective and efficient method of colon hydrotherapy.

I’m one month into eating The Plant Paradox diet by Dr Stephen Gundry. I’ve dragged a few friends along for the ride, and we’re all loving it. I’m excited to see how colonics are for us now..


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