Liver Flush

I’m rewriting the liver flush info – please email for information until this page is ready for relaunch! x

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  • Hi Suki,

    I’ve been looking for a liver flush that doesn’t require one to ingest epsom salts, thanks. Would you be more specific regarding the Niacin Flush…dosage, etc? How do you feel about using Oxy Powder in place of Colosan? Anything else you can recommend is great…thanks!

  • Ortho Phos I haven’t been able to find in UK! Niacin flush involves getting hot & pink – all areas of your body which are stuck receive uumphed blood circulation. NB] Not something to do out in public..

    Not sure of doses – follow instructions on the pot I guess.

    Yes, any oxymag product will do the job

  • Hi Suki, I’m having trouble finding Cold Pressed Caster Oil to buy. I used to buy it from the Edgar Cayce centre but the centre seems to have closed down. Do you know of any chemist that sell the oil?

    Look forward to your response


  • Hi there,
    just wanted to let you know that 1pm-3pm is most definitely NOT liver time in Chinese medicine. It’s 1am to 3am.
    From 1pm to 3pm is small intestine time!


  • Dear Suki

    I have been advised by a colleague of yours, Daniel Rollins to do your liver detox. I am a complete novice and have spent time looking at your website and there are quite a few things I am not clear about, I would really appreciate your guidance and clarification based on what I have seen on your liver detox page on your website:

    How do you do an enema?
    how to make a castor oil pack,
    what are Life Food soups and how do you make them?
    what Juices, Smoothies, would i have on detox
    and whats Electrolyte Lemonade doesnt it have sugar in it,
    where do you get all this stuff from?
    what juice do you take the day of the flush,
    whats Niacin Flush and what do you mean by take 1 T of whatever?

    Thank you very much in advance x


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