A fledgling new page for health UK resources. Please mention my name when shopping.

The Finchley Clinic London – Colosan, Oxypowder, Threelac
Safe Remedies – Prime Directive, Barley Grass, Ultra Magnesium
Stevia – a fermented white powder, with very little gross aftertaste
VitaMe – medicinal mushrooms reishi, chaga and cordyceps etc.
Healthleads UK – artsana enema bags and more
Franke – water filtration
Anouchka Askew – intuitive bodywork 07956 313332
Fiona Marsden – NSA Westbourne Grove 07764 181134
Nik Greenheart – shiatsu, Wiltshire 07870 944742
Tree-Harvest – nuts, seeds, herbs, cacao, oils, spices
Charlotte Donachie – kambo 07736832018
The Retreat Kitchen – plant based eating, Richmond
Dr Jacqueline Hobbs – energy clearing, healing and more