Bespoke Menu

A 24 hour in-Residence, tailored, eating program with your personal guide.

There are many ways to make delicious health-giving meals – incorporating superior nutrition – the sky is the limit. If you want to learn more about raw foods & how to shop, prepare, eat, entertain & navigate a new life of vibrant health the healthy eating program is for you. This is a 24 hour in residence experience for a minimum of 5 days. Such yummy foods – I will cater the menu according to your existing diet, needs & tastes. There will be no hunger, no deprivation – just delicious tastes which will satisfy on every level, while your body lightens, your energy soars & your skin glows.

I miss your food! I had never imagined tastes & textures like that existed. Thank you for teaching & nurturing me. AP

“I’ve never been one for spending time in the kitchen. Now you can’t keep me out! I’m making my own chocolate, smoothies & much much more. My wife can’t believe her luck – I’m the cool raw version of a Stepford husband.. PD”

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