Favourite Things

Things I love, on repeat purchase (links to English suppliers). I’m a huge fan of Sevenhills superfood products. They are consistently well priced and of great quality.

Health Foods

Gelatinised Maca – gelatinised maca is more potent than regular Maca for hormonal benefits.
Medicinal Mushroom Blend – an easy to mix ready-made blend.
Reishi – boost your immune system naturally, anti-inflammatory, supports respiration.
Chaga – immunity, inflammation, diabetes, heart, and the C word.
Cordyceps – I like this with reishi and chaga in equal amounts – add to smoothies, soups or hot cacao.
Fo Ti (He Shou Wu) – highly esteemed for longevity and hair colour.
Spirulina – enjoy in equal amounts with chlorella (below)
Chlorella – a powerful cellular detox. Critical for use with dental work and heavy metal detox.
Shelled Hemp Seeds – light and delicious, hemp seeds are an easily accessible protein.
Hemp Protein Powder – lighter and tastier than pea protein (without the gas..). Pure food.
Bee Pollen – feel your body hum like a bee.

Health Tools

Vitamix Explorian – there are many new models of Vitamix, this one remains a solid choice.
Nutribullet 900w – don’t get a smaller model, you’ll miss the power. This one is perfect.
Kenwood Multipro – the perfect size, weight and strength
Omega Juicer 8006 – the juice power house. Strong and reliable, it will last a lifetime.
Berkey Water Filter – the Berkey creates unbelievably clean water – even from London tap water!
Berkey Fluoride Filters & Black Filters – yes, you also need the fluoride filter too. I tried going without it..
Travel Neti pot – light and easy to use (plastic)
Kitchen Mandolin – salads never need get boring.
Artsana Enema Bag – still the best enema bag 🙂
Rebounder/Trampoline – without steel springs means no squeaking and a smoother bounce.


Magnesium Glycinate – take at night for better sleep.
Liposomal Glutathione – liposomal formulation allows for increased absorption. Glutathione, the mother of anti-oxidants.
Oreganol Oil – the strongest anti-viral, antibacterial oil. Use sparingly. Always in my bathroom cabinet.
Colosan Caps – still the best stool softener. Works by oxygenating your digestive system and dissolving poop. Not habit forming.
Colosan Powder – see above. The powder is chalky to taste.
Activated Charcoal – for gas. Always have to hand..
Ginger Powder capsules – prevent gas and ease digestion.
Palma Christi Castor Oil – the original castor oil.

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