B A S I C   G U I D E:

JUICE: the single most effective thing you can do. Greens – celery, fennel, cucumber (as a base) + chives, mint, corriander, cavalo nero, red pepper, kale, parsley, romaine, spinach, ginger. Yes, other vegetables too, but it’s the greens that really rock. Start including small amounts of pear & carrots if the veggies alone are too intense, then cut back on the sugars slowly. Order London deliveries from Juice 4 Thought, or get this Omega Juicer.

Chlorophyll: wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, blue green algae, kelp, seaweed, alfalfa juice, chlorella – take daily.

Superfoods: bee pollen, raw cacao, fresh frozen acai, fresh leaf aloe vera (your local market will probably have some, or local African shop), camu camu, guarana, maté, goji berries, angstrom minerals, medicinal mushrooms, hemp seed, mesquite, maca, manuka honey, purple corn & yacon root – enjoy daily in chocolate, trail mixes, salads & smoothies.

Smoothies: all the above can be used in smoothies, along with greens (yes more!), fruit, vegetable juices.. Cacao Smoothies can contain your entire cupboard, or be really simple – nut/seed/coconut milk + cacao nibs (ground), cacao powder, goji (ground or soaked), maca, algae, mesquite, agave/manuka/zylitol, a pinch of cayenne + celtic sea salt (these final two are mandatory). To make Green Smoothies – put some of the juice into a blender & then add fresh red chilli, chives, spirulina, fresh aloe, hemp oil – cayenne + salt.. Add the remainder of the juice & mix together. These smoothies are meals – not a ‘drink’.

Good Fats: raw coconut butter, raw cacao butter, avocados, olives, cold pressed organic oils, raw nuts & seeds: hemp, flax, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, brazil, pecan, walnut, macadamia, almond etc.

Salads + Soups: fresh raw garlicky, oily, lemony, basily, seaweedy, tomatoey, spicy, tangy & tasty.

All the goodies/nutrients/lifeforce you need you can find in the above foods. I don’t count calories, micrograms of minerals or protein – the superfoods contain all we need. Keep it simple & you will soar. Cleansing always helps transitioning of course, + food combining, fasting, colonics etc.. If in doubt, avoid: food in packets; tins; from microwaves; bleached/white foods; sugar, flour, salt, cow milk, soya milk/tofu, coffee; saturated fats; the Pill, laxatives, rennies; mercury fillings; alcohol; vaccinations & tripe. It smells.

F O O D   C O M B I N I N G:

The idea behind food combining is simply that different substances use different natural chemicals in your body to break them down. ie. carbs are broken down in the mouth by salivary amylase, proteins are broken down in the stomach by HC & pepsin, fats & everything else breaks down in the small intestine by enzymes, pancreatic juice + bile. Added to that, generally foods in each box move at different speeds. Melons are Sprinters; acid, sub-acid & Juicers are all joggers; vegetables are street cleaning walkers; starches are shufflers; proteins & fats crawl – so depending on how you mix things, the time they spend passing through you & reaching your cells will vary. If you mostly eat food according to this chart, then your digestion will be much easier, digestive juices won’t be diluted or confused – resulting in no gas, bloating, indigestion & heartburn – meaning more ENERGY!

I’ve come to believe that how you live, your state of mind & HOW you eat is as important that what you eat. That said, organic, nutrient rich, unprocessed & fresh natural foods are the best building blocks to grace you with mental peace & physical strength. My angle is more about getting stuff out, than putting stuff in – you can’t get health in a pill pot. Systematic undereating, nutrient rich foods (superfoods) & regular cleansing (colonics, enemas, fasting & herbs) are the keys to health & timelessness.

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Legal Note: I am happy to provide products & services which will increase your health & wellbeing, I do not aim to ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ any disease. Under UK law only a medical doctor may ‘treat’ an illness & disease with a ‘medical’ origin. Any information is for information purposes only.

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  • Hi Suki,

    Love love loving your site, followed the internet trail from david wollfe, raw, mike adams web trail, take it as a good sign if the web search keeps bringing me back to the same pages… and its is so great to find some in the UK – and better still in London, glad you are here.

    So I am at stage 1 of clarifying my diet/ health – in the short term I’m looking to check that my food choices which ARE working to increase my energy are covering everything nutritionally. I have been having some strange symptoms and have been recommended Nature’s Biotics and hope to try but I was told that you shouldn’t do colon cleaning during the 6 weeks of using that products. I see you are a naturopath, do you offer consultations that might help advise me on these issues… I’d book in for a colonic eventually too but not sure if I can do NB at the same time.

    Many thanks for any info in advance


  • Hi Sabah,
    Thank you! Nature’s Biotics are fantastic & can be taken at any time. Colonics are best experienced ASAP – from that I can get a better picture of what you’re having/doing, what suits you & what will bring you the most Radiant health. Suki x

  • I am just finding you through a link from Loving Raw by way of we like it Raw. Love your site. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

    PST (also known as Wisdom Goddess Born)

  • Hi Suki, I’m just getting into raw foodism (?) and I checked out your book section for more info…but I was wondering if you could recommend one book specifically for someone who’s just starting. After checking out videos on youtube and reading descriptions of people’s diets I’m thinking my diet of very basic vegetables (bell peppers, tomatoes, baby lettus, etc.,) is not enough.

    Thanks, and sorry if you have a very obvious section on the site and I’m too ditzy to realize it. 😛


  • Hi Justin
    I would recommend Raw Living by Kate Wood for recipes, and Raw Success by Matt Monarch for cleansing – there is no raw without the cleanse! There are many ways of living raw so only you can figure out what will work for you… Enjoy x

  • Hi Suki,
    this is immensely helpful information. I’m just wondering what the category “processed grains” includes. All non-raw grains? Is there a difference between eating something from a package (with all the preservatives) and steaming rice or boiling lentils, or oats, at home? I don’t eat gluten, corn or soy but in the winter I eat some rice, some porridge, and some lentil soup. I guess I’m asking whether “cooked” equals “processed.”

    Thanks –


  • hi elizabeth
    processed generally means unrecognizable – ie flour or cracked.
    sprouted is always preferable to boiled; boiled preferable to tinned. oats work well soaked instead of glooped into porridge – otherwise try and see what feels good. the lighter the better 🙂 x

  • Hi Suki!
    Greetings from the Western US!
    I’m studying your food combining/Trophology chart very carefully and I’m hoping you can explain a little more about the groups with a little wavy equals sign between them? I’ve been trying to eat each item alone and wait for it to digest, which is helping me cure heartburn and ulcers, but one wants little meals occasionally! Your chart is so very helpful! Thank you!

  • Oh!
    Also, I am fortunate enough to have real kefir grains for probiotics and to pre-digest organic milk for me. It also increases the folic acid several hundred-fold, among other benefits. I’ve read that milk should be taken alone or left out of the diet and I see you prefer leaving dairy off your chart. Can you advise whether organic, real kefir should be taken alone or can be included in the predigested group, safe with just about anything?

  • sorry for the delay in replying! the wiggly lines mean ‘ok’ combinations – not optimal, but not ill advised. depending on your sensitivity they’re fine for most people.
    as long as you follow the basic rules – combining speaks for itself.
    i would make kefir from coconut milk – it tastes amazing & has more benefits
    i’m a big fan of sauerkraut, kim chi and kombucha too..
    hope that helps,
    suki x

  • Hi Nancy
    Systematic under-eating is intentionally eating less than we thing we need; not finishing up the plate; leaving the table with space for more & allowing real hunger between meals.. when it works it feels great.

  • Hey Suki

    Have you ever monitored your blood sugar levels? I have had issues with falling into hypo and I’ve had enough of all this cooked food. What is your short term memory like? Last time I was raw things were pretty good but I think the candida had my left brain in a vice grip.

  • hey suki

    I had some colonics with you a while back in London, just checked out your site and see you have gone West. Good for you. Hope you are having a great time.
    Anyway, seeing as you are not around to book an appointment with, wondering if you could answer a question. Ive been doing pretty well with having a 50% raw diet and do green juices as you suggested. Caffeine, booze, white flour, dairy – all gone.. However, the thing that trips me up is chocolate which I cant seem to kick. Because the rest of my diet is so good I kind of let myself go when it comes to chocolate and sometimes end up binging on it! Do you know of anything that can help? I just luuuurve it so much that when i start i cant stop! These raw cacoa bars just dont do it for me either. Can you suggest something that could help curb the cravings or at least undo any damage that a choc-out would do.

    by the way the site is fantastic

  • Hi Sinead,
    So good to hear from you!
    Congratulations on all the amazing changes – fantastic. What is making up the non-raw 50% of your diet?
    What kind of chocolate are you eating?
    ..and have you tried making your own raw chocolate – it could be that by making your own you figure out what will do it for you! The magic is in the mixing..
    Suki x

  • Dear Zoe
    In all honesty, I think some of the stuff you recommend is raw but it is very unhealthy. The low fat raw vegan diet is the best approach to the raw food diet. Are you aware of Natural Hygiene?
    Also chocolate is a drug, what is the point?


    • Dear Marcus,
      That’s why it’s ‘some’ of the stuff I recommend & not all stuff.

      Balance, pleasure & creativity are as important to health/eating as what you eat.

      Yes I am aware of Natural Hygiene, and it makes as little sense to me, as chocolate does to you.

      Ah, the beauty of choice. And the option to change our minds. Again and again.


      • Dear Suki
        Thank you
        I appreciate your reply as we try to discover the right choices.
        In your Healing Books section you recommend The Quintessence of Natural Living by Keki Sidwa. Are you aware Dr. Keki Sidhwa is the founder of the British National Hygiene Society?

        Best Regards

        Marcus Antony

  • Hi Marcus
    Yes I am – I’ve met Keki & heard him speak ~ he’s a very sweet man.

    I have a friend who has fasted with him many times.

    Whilst containing many gems, Natural Hygiene does not acknowledge colonics, or give colon cleansing a significant role in fasting or lifestyle – just 1 reason why I feel it’s limited.

    And why chocolate? Because we still like to have fun. Period

  • Hi Suki
    Thank you
    I think the matter is clear now.
    I do find often the people who wants to sell something in the Raw Food movement are the ones who disagree with Natural hygiene, which I don’t mean its your case.
    And regarding chocolate, I rather sniff pure cocaine. It’s more fun.. lol


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