Prices + Location


The Light Centre Belgravia
9 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX

Tuesday 2.30-8pm
Wednesday 8am-12:30pm 
Friday 2.30-8pm



Clinic reception (but not appointments) – 0207 881 0728
Contact me to book – 07808 656 820 or

£120 – 1 hour session
£330 for a course of 3 colonics
£600 for a course of 6 colonics

I recommend committing to a course of 3 colonics.

*I want everyone who is sick to be able to get the help they need, regardless of finances.
If my work resonates for you but is beyond your budget, please contact me and we can work out a
sliding scale for you and your optimal health xo




please bring your own

I’ve had to stop offering them because they are too smelly to mix up in an enclosed space. I’m sure you’ll understand 😉

Hydrogen peroxide (oxygen therapy) – I still have.
Garlic (anti bacterial/fungal/candida) – BYO
Coffee (liver detox) – bring a double espresso if your colonic is earlier than 4pm
Spirulina (increased energy and blood cleansing)
Peppermint (gas and spasms)



the colon whisperer