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I’m all about living a full life, and making choices – not following rules; seeking optimal results, feeling great and being flexible around what we can do, eat and be. Gone are the days of restriction, limits and ‘diets’ – we do what works to heal dis-ease – we keep tweaking until we get the results we seek. Simple huh.

Suki Zoe is unlike any other colonic and health practitioner with whom I have come into contact. I have worked with her for few years, as a therapist and healer. Incredibly gifted and most attentive, she has an uncanny ability to get to the root of the issue. She is also a wealth of knowledge. She works on a deep subconscious or soul level. I had a many consultations and the results were deeply profound and extremely effective for me and for all of my clients that I have happily and trustily referred to her. I am so grateful for her work and the enduring effect it has had on my life.”  Jean Marc

Practicing colon hydrotherapy since 1997 – after apprenticing with Gil Jacobs in New York City, I went on to graduate from the National College of Holistic Medicine, UK under the tutelage of Milo Siewert. Fully trained in anatomy, physiology and massage, other studies include Nutrition at The School of Natural Health Sciences, Chavutti Thirumal Massage with Helen Noakes at Purple Valley, India; and Nutrition at CNN London with Barbara Wren.

I graduated with a BA in Silversmithing and Metalwork from Camberwell School of Arts – before colonics turned my life around.

I’m often asked, ‘How did you get into colonics & isn’t this a gross job?’

No it’s not gross & I still love colonics. It may surprise you, but colonics wasn’t something I’d grown up wanting to do 😉
I had just left art college & was living in New York, when a friend sent me to Gil for my 1st life-changing colonic & the rest is history.

I’ve done several different kinds of cleanses/fasts & I’m constantly refining & retuning my diet & lifestyle. My health path started with problems resulting from years of penicillin and a tonsillectomy aged 7; ongoing side-effects from being a DES Daughter (largely unacknowledged or unheard of in the UK) then travel vaccinations and debilitating illnesses in my 20s, which culminated in 7 food-related anaphylactic attacks within a 2 year period. That was pretty scary, so I realised (whilst consuming up to 14 cups of coffee a day) that it was about time I cleaned up my act. Like many therapists, it took a crisis to start me in a new direction.


gravity colonics

Legal Note: I am happy to provide products & services which will increase your health & wellbeing, I do not aim to ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ any disease. Under UK law only a medical doctor may ‘treat’ an illness & disease with a ‘medical’ origin. Any information is for information purposes only.


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  • Hey Suki,

    Ok I have seen everything here and my space. even wrote a very short blog. why? no idea. just love your pics and information. I am hooked! but at this point,
    I need your help. per my last visit with you things have gone haywire. not as bad as the one visit to the chelsea clinic. thank GOD! The bloods have been done: I am perimenopausal and have an underactive thyroid. I do have all the usual symptoms for both the ‘M’ and the underactive tyroid, but I am suddenly constipated, (having not changed my diet at all, even trying to eat a bit more raw and less meat). I am about to make an appt with you for hopefully very soon. Any hints to keep my tummy happy for the next week?
    Another thing please, I need a name of a acupunturist? I keep reading that this is a great way of balancing those crazy hormones for everything. HRT has not been talked about yet(need to get the tyroid right with some very low dose short term meds.) my moods are still up and down and the I am starting to get those hot flashes.anything else you can recommend both my new ailments would be greatly appreciated.
    your website and my space page are frickin fab!!!! keep it up. plus I absolutely love your green head and your green headed mates.
    see you very soon love deborah

  • Hi Deborah!
    At last we have something to pin all your symptoms on.. Castor oil packing on your thyroid & abdomen – I’ll email you some info about it. Of course I would recommend urine therapy, but it may take persuading you in person! Atsuko at Brackenbury is said to be amazing (me too scared of needles & needle bearing peoples to know personally) It’s very hard to come off the thyroid meds once you’ve started taking them – there are alternatives (ie agnus castus, maca, medicinal mushrooms). I’ll have more info for you when you next come in. See you soon, Love Suki x

  • Hey Suki!

    it is so great to come across another wheat free vegan! I am in a dilemma right now about whether to get vaccinated for travelling or not. The amount of animal use and chemicals in vaccinations make it feel so wrong to me to put that in my body as someone who is very much into alternative medicine.

    I am travelling to the South Pacific and am recommended to have hepatitis A and B and malaria.. I am pretty much choosing NOT to have these vaccinations, BUT should that mean I just shouldn’t travel to that area? Or do you belieive that there are other measures I could take and remain safe? Where i’m going is very low risk due to the fact i’m NOT backbacking, I’m staying in a friends clean house preparing my own food and I’m not planning on having sex with any of the locals!

    There are just alot of what ifs playing on my mind…like if there was an emergency and I needed a blood transfusion or whatever…I may come into problems with hep B.

    Anyway… I don’t mean to sound like a burden, I just was interested as to what your standpoint is on getting ones particularly..given that you are vegan raw foodist.

    Thanks Suki



  • Hi Kai, Thanks for your question. The answer is NO! We can’t treat any disease prophylactically – there are things you can travel with & methods for keeping safe & clean, ie. colosan, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, garlic, barley grass + many more. Keeping yourself alkaline & healthy means not creating an environment suitable for dis-ease. There are no accidents! We don’t catch illness – it doesn’t just drop out of the sky..
    The best thing is to see a great homeopath who can make travel recommendations – Erroll Bowyer at Brackenbury is a living legend!
    Suki x

  • thanks Suki!

    it really is lovely to see you are being so vocal about this alternative thinking and living 🙂

    I am very much an advocate for anything natural and full of love and of light.

    I beleive that we create our realities…that we are in control of our lives in every way..we are souls who are on a path..i believe in the law of attraction and i like you believe that dis-ease is a result of many individual factors…our food, our mentality, our emotions..everything.

    thank you for your advice… it is very hard to find a homeopath where i live i think…i’ll there a way of being in touch with Erroll Bowyer just for some advice on the phone or email do you know? I’m from Chester and I am travelling in 3 1/2 weeks! lol

    take care

    thanks again, for the swift response as well!!

    love and rainbows


  • Hi there,

    I am relocating from NYC to London and will be in town later this month. I would like to schedule 3 colonics. Let me know if I should call directly. You have a great website! A lot of valuable holistic info. Thanks. D

  • Hi,
    I tried to look at your site in mainland China and it would not let me onto it –
    I have just got back to Hong Kong and have had no trouble…
    I wonder if your type of site/subject is censored??
    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi James,
    Really? China knows about me!! Wow..
    I’ve no idea what that’s about – maybe the pee? I’ve heard certain site blockers prevent access to me… Sx

  • Hi Suki, fantastic website! I met you in tonys hemp corner, i was the girl who said great! when you said you served all raw.I was just pushed into having an anti d injection by my doctor under sedation after saying many times that i did not want any vaccines whilst more concious. My arm has turned to stone, is sore, my head and breasts have strange pains and I feel spaced out and just want to know if theres any way of getting this poisonous anti freeze and other gunk out of my body asap. I read that you had illnesses after your travel vaccines so thought you may be able to give advice. I hope to come for a colonic with you soon, love, jennifer

  • Hi Jennifer,
    Come have a colonic asap; see a homeopath for vaccination vaporizing; try urine therapy on your skin &/or castor oil packs; drink 35% foodgrade hydrogen peroxide – 1 drop / 2oz water; epsom salt baths & saunas/steam rooms; massage will help too.
    Hope that helps – hard to say more without seeing you.. Suki x

  • Hi Suki,

    I met a friend of yours called Sue at Wholefoods on High Street Kensington, and she advised me to speak to you regarding colonics.

    I had a baby a year ago, and then this July I was in hospital for a month with Meningitis…since then my bodies gone haywire! I’ve had breakouts of spots round my chin and just generally feeling very tired. Sue advised me to have a colonic with you and start to detoxify my body to hopefully regain some energy and nice skin! I live in Chelsea and she said you had a clinic close by.

    Please let me know if you can help me,

    Kind Regards,


  • Greetings Suki,

    Just dropping you a brief message to tell you that I am so very inspired by the depth and commitment of your work….

    You are most deserving of the “Inspirational Bloggers Award”

    Thanks for everything Green and Clean..

    Please check my Blog at

    Peace ,Love and many Blessings
    Citizen Soul Power

  • Hi Suki,

    My sister Katie (Morley) has recommended (very highly!) that I get in touch with you as she said you’d be an amazing person to see! I’ve had a series of symptoms over the past few years that I thought were unrelated, but suddenly had an epiphany moment a couple of weeks ago when I figured that they are likely to be linked with candida.

    I would love to come and see you for some advice!

    I’ve been trying to send you an email but it keeps bouncing back. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!

  • Hello Suki,

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great colonic last week. I am feeling much better now.

    Also thank you for your ‘links’ and ‘read’ pages. I am leaping ahead by light years in my healing journey as you have done all the research for me. No more traipsing through Amazon reviews for a while, my wish list is chock full and it was all effort free.

    Best links page on the web.


    Hayley W

  • Hi Suki, have tried emailing you, but you must have one hell of a spam filter, as both attempts came back to me, saying unable to deliver. Firstly, thanks so much for yesterday’s colonic, it was fantastic. Secondly, is there another email address where I can write to you – need to ask you a question privately? Many thanks. Sarah

  • wow. i loved reading about your journey. gil jacobs changed my life this past year in ny, but i have moved home to st. croix.

    can you recommend a home colonic kit? also, can you recommend any way i can be certified online? i just want to be able to administer to my self and family/friends who really need it!

    i’ll keep looking at your site- love the way you write.





  • Hi Suki, several peer reviewed studies indicate that colonic irrigation is potentially dangerous and has little medical benefits. What do you have to say to defend your practice in the face of criticism from medical experts?

    • Ah Emma, there is never a need to defend anything against Big Pharma. Colonics will continue because they work. Because people are wise enough to keep doing what works.

  • Dear Suki,
    I can’t believe how long I felt unwell for, and how quickly one colonic changed everything. My energy is back and I’m waking up happy for the first time in years. Thank you.

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